October Monthly Recap

October Monthyl Recap Graphic

I can’t believe it is November already! It feels like we just started this semester last week. I am excited for the family holidays because I can spend time with family and eggnog!!!! But until then I will just enjoy the fall weather in the midst of exams and presentations.


The month of October was a pretty nice month. Other than 2 exams it was not stressful, and I had a good time with both school and friends. I walked in the Making Strides Breast Cancer walk and met some amazing people. It was such a great event. People from all over the city came together and showed their support for those affected by breast cancer.

My ankle is healing nicely, and I am beginning to become more comfortable with my physical therapy facility. Their schedule is a bit of hassle because of school and its distance from my house, but thankfully I only have a few more sessions left to do.

Favorite TV Show: Scandal

I randomly picked this show on Netflix and have been pretty much obsessed. I really like how climatic each episode is. I just need to make sure I do not get carried away.

Favorite Song: Reaper by Sia

I really love the lyrics of this song, because is singing about fighting back against the negativity in her life. Although every day is part of an uphill battle, she is determined to live her life to fullest. I think mentality song works for pretty much any situation.

Favorite Youtube channel: Alisha Marie Vlogs

Alisha does vlogs pretty frequently where she talks about her job, hobbies, and travel. She is very energetic and positive, which I love. They are usually 5-7 minutes long, so I like to play them when I am getting dressed or cleaning my room.

Favorite Book: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Rupi just has a way with words that makes you feel both comfortable and accepted, while opening you up to new experiences. She also allows you to with her through her poetry of her through her journey of coming of age as a woman through abuse, love, loss, and survival.

Favorite Photos:

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What was your favorite part of October?

– Tatyana x

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