Ringing in the New Year – Update

New Year Fireworks

Happy New Year!!!!!

I took a bit of blogging break. At first, it was unintentional, but then the break became a chance to take a step back and reevaluate me.  I put my time into working on myself so that what I put out is better. It also gave me some time to figure out what direction I wanted to take for the year of 2017.

This year my biggest goal is to practice better self-care. Last year I noticed that a common factor for my stress was not putting myself first. Not putting my feelings, time, or future first. So to change that I am striving to take more time to see what I want and what will get me there.

Many times we get swept up in the competitive whirlwind of school or work. But this should not come at a cost of losing yourself and living life. I want to be able to have adventures and learn all I can through amazing experiences. I am completely aware that life is not perfect, but instead of dwelling on the bad experiences I want to appreciate the great one more.

I will eliminate any unnecessary stressors in my life, both people, and things, and surround myself with positivity. I want to put my energy into things I genuinely want to be a part of. So in terms of this blog, I want to continue creating content about college and life, but also to expand our material. So keep your eye out for new material this year! And if you have anything you want to see feel free to comment below.

-Tatyana x  

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