My Week in Photos #12

August 6-19, 2017

The last two weeks were pretty light weeks, so I decided to combine the photos for this post. With the summer winding down I have had to begin prepping for the fall, but luckily I still have a few more adventures left.

On Tuesday, met up with a friend to catch up over breakfast. Then we walked around and stopped in a few places like Barnes and Nobles. I couldn’t decide what book to get, so if you have any suggestions please comment below!

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This summer I started working in a research lab on campus. When I went to collect data for the lab on the 24th, I saw that they had written the names of all the lab members on our board. It may be cheesy, but it really made me smile since I am a new member of the lab.

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On Saturday the 11th, we finished off a family day on Saturday by going to see The Dark Tower. Then we went to Cold Stone and I got my new favorite, the “Birthday Cake Remix”. I don’t know if I had missed it on the menu before, but I could not love it more. It’s “cake batter” ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, brownie, and fudge swirled together into a cup of deliciousness.

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The following week, I pretty much only had to do work in the lab. The best part of the week was the weekend. On Friday night; August 18th, the sky looked phenomenal. I cannot remember another time that the sky lit up in this way. It made the entire block look like a painting. These photos definitely do not give it justice. It also was my sister’s birthday weekend, so Saturday night we went out to a French restaurant to celebrate. It was a sweet, small restaurant, with welcoming service, and beautiful presentation.

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What adventures have you been on recently?

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