Shows I’m Loving on Netflix Right Now

Netflix can be pretty awesome. With an overabundance of tv shows and movies, there is always something to watch. Here are some things I have been watching lately on Netflix, and I think you should too .

Marco Polo

Ok, when this show first came out I was not sure if I would like it, but I became hooked. Season 2 was finally released this summer, and it was definitely worth the wait. This show follows Marco Polo through his time in the Mongolian Empire of Kublai Khan, while he tries to conquer Southern China. Yet, it tells the stories of people all throughout the kingdom, which in a way removes Marco from the focus of the narrative. We learn the secrets of kings and queens, warrior, accountants, and men and women who do not hold a title. I cannot wait for season 3!

Parks and Recreation

I randomly decided to watch an episode one day and I just could not stop! This show follows a small city’s parks and recreation department and all the quirky characters who work there. They are like a family sharing their lives – both the good and the bad – with each other and us. The short episodes and often hilarious situations the characters get themselves into often makes for a nice afternoon break.

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is the story of a young noble English boy; named Uhtred Uhtredson, who was raised by Danes during the 9th century. While England is fighting a Viking invasion,  newly orphaned Uhtred is taken in by a noble Danish family. Many years later his new family is killed and he must find a new path in the world, while seeking revenge. The episodes can be a bit hard to get through, but make for a rewarding experience. I enjoy watching Uhtred try to reclaim the English lands he lost as a child while still trying to hold onto the Danish ways he has come to cherish.

Hart of Dixie

I recently started watching this show again a few days. Originally I had watched a few episodes here and there whenever it aired. Hart of Dixie follows a New York City surgeon; named Zoe Hart, forced to move to a small town’s family practice with the intention of working there for a year to improve her bedside manner. Little does Zoe know that town has its own agenda, rules, and traditions. It is fun to watch as she tackles this new customs while learning about herself in the process.


It took me a while to finally watch this show, because I had not seen the movie that acts as the prequel for the show. With close to an entirely new cast this shows follows the an average man; named Brian Finch, with access to an resource that makes his mind extraordinary. We follow him as he works through FBI cases and issues in his personal life, while adding his own little flair and creations along the way.

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