My 2017 Bucket List

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Eventbrite. Eventbrite inspired me to write this bucket list in support of their “Experiences, Not Things” initiative to encourage people to spend money and time on moments instead of materials. All opinions and statements are my own. This post does not contain any affiliate links.

2017 Bucket List

My bucket list consists of some big and small experiences I hope to have this year. If you are anything like me, you like to take really small steps out of your comfort zone. When I am looking to do something, I look at who I can do it with and what I can gain from the experience. Is it a bonding experience, a learning or teaching experience, a pampering experience, or a way to step back and remember the bigger picture?

These are usually the deciding factors for me when I make plans. If I do not think I will enjoy something I really try to steer clear of it.  I just really do not see the point in wasting time and energy doing something that I do not want to. But I also encourage you to remember that sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be an amazing and eye opening experience.

Now this bucket list is certainly a work in progress. I will be ok if I do not get to complete all of these things this year, but I truly want to have these experiences in the near future. It is already April, so I guess I need to start tackling some more things on this list.

1. Run a 5k

I actually have run a 5k in the past. We did one honoring cervical cancer and one for breast cancer, and I signed up a few days before with my school’s biology team. This time I want to actually prep for the race, and maybe even get a team to come with me. Running a themed 5K would be even more fun!

2. Make a City Day Trip

I have always want to take a day and go visit a city or town nearby. I really want to visit Philadelphia. I feel like I have visited almost all the towns nearby it, and I really want to visit the historical sites there like the Liberty Bell.

3. See the Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights has always been a dream of mine. I recently learned that there are some places near me that I can travel to and see them. I hope to see them this summer!

4. Get my Driver’s License

In New York City not everyone has or uses their license. I have had my permit since I was 16, but with accessibility to public transportation and being able to ride with family members I never got my license. Now I hope to get my license sometime this summer.

5. Go on Vacation

I have not been on a real vacation in over two years. Of course, I am in no way complaining. I get to travel frequently for academic and volunteering related purposes. At the same time, I would really like to take a few days to just relax and explore a new city with my family. I really want to go somewhere tropical, go back to San Francisco, or go to Europe. I love visiting historical sites, and learning about the history of different places so I am always up for an adventure.

6. Have a Huge Water Balloon Fight

I have always wanted to have a water balloon fight. Luckily, I know my family will definitely want to join in on the fun. Ok, so here is what I want to do. I want to have my family dress up in all white clothes. Then we take balloons filled with colored water, and have a huge colorful balloon fight. I think it would be pretty awesome!

7. Volunteer at a Nursing Home

I have worked with the elderly in the hospital and various clinics. It is very easy for people to forget that once these people were just like us – young and having adventures. I think it is very important for younger generations to be connected with older generations. They have so much wisdom and compassion to offer, and I am sure they enjoy the ideas and stories we can contribute to them. Just try having a conversation with an older person and you will see how great it is to see the world through their eyes.

8. Learn Sign Language

I have been interested in learning sign language for some time now. At my church, they teach sign language to a few people every year. This ensures that all members of the congregation have access to the sermon. Since learning about their program I have realized how important it can be to learn another language, not because it will help you be more qualified for a job, but to make someone else’s experiences more worthwhile.

9. Learn Archery

Ok this blog is a judgement free zone. So, I know I can trust you with this information. I am OBSESSED with archery. This is mainly because I adore history, and in many societies archery was a tool that was used for various tasks. It served for hunting, defense, and sometimes just for showing off. Plus, in some cultures it was a skill that women were allowed to participate in – something that was not always common – such as in the Mongolian and Viking empires. Hence, my fantasy to ride horses and shoot arrows, haha.

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What are some things you are looking forward to doing this year? Are there any experiences you have had in the past that have made you grow?

-Tatyana x

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