Bath and Body Works Body Haul

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If you have not noticed, I love Bath and Body Works. It is probably because as a kid I loved going to buy those glitter lotions that sat on my dresser for months on end until I lathered myself in glitter head to toe for a special family dinner. Now that I am older I have no longer cover myself in glitter for every special occasion, but you can find me combing through the store for old favorites and new loves from time to time.

Bath and Body Works Haul

When I opened this bottle I thought this smells like me in a bottle. The only thing that would be missing would be some coconut. I heard they have a product like that so maybe I just missed it. The Almond and Vanilla shower gel smells very natural. It smells more almond in it than vanilla, but it works. It reminds me of family breakfasts when I was little, and also a lot of my current hair care products. I decided to give it a go, and use it when I wanted to wind down after school. So far it has been working rather nicely.


I have been using this spray since middle school. Vanilla is one of my all time favority scents. I used to even sniff the vanilla extract in my kitchen when I was younger. I know, I know, it’s weird. But I seriously loved it. I remember claiming this as “my scent”, and spritzing myself whenever I had the chance. This mist smells exactly as it is named – like sweetened warm vanilla. It is not a strong or overwhelming fragrance, so a light mist can give you nice, subtle hints of vanilla.


From my last post, you might have noticed I have a thing for the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. This stress relief hand sanitizer is the eucalyptus tea scent. I used the eucalyptus spearmint scent in the past, but I like this one better, because it is not as strong. This hand sanitizer can be a bit overpowering if you use too much, but this one does not have a strong alchohol smell to it. In terms of the stress relief, I have yet to conduct a formal experiment to test their efficacy, but they do help me calm down a bit. Plus, it is a nice scent even if I am falling for the placebo effect, so I don’t mind.


There were a lot of hand creams when I stopped in Bath and Body Works, and I am pretty sure I have not seen them before. There were so many scents to pick from. I usually stay away from fruity scents, but I really fell in love with this one. The Maui Mango Mai Tai is still on the light side, like usually prefer, and it is made with shea butter so it is very moisturizing. I keep this in my bag to use after I wash my hands, or when they are dry. I have not been using it long, but I hope I come to like this cream and use it for a while to come. FullSizeRender

I love candles! They always brighten my day. Whether you am relaxing, cleaning, or just want to have a nice scent fill your room, they have pretty much got you covered. The Chestnut and Clove Jasmine waters candle is a little hard to put into words. This is mostly because describing candle scents is really difficult for me. But, if I were to paint a picture: it smells like the ocean. Not the salty smell of the ocean when you go to the beach or a broadwalk. It smells like the stuff you brought to the beach last week that has been sitting in a pile of lavender petals. Ha, ha … Yeah, that’s what I am going to go with! Seriously, just take a whiff and you will know what I mean. I love lighting this a little earlier in the day, when I am just relaxing throughout the day.

I am sure you can gather, but I generally like light scents with nutty or floral elements. I like to have a few fruity scents around as a little pick me up sometimes too.

-Tatyana x

What are some of your favorite bath products and scents?

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