Day In My Life: School Day


6 am – Wake up and get ready

Yes, I agree that is too early. Since I sprained my ankle, I could not walk to and from the bus, or even around campus, so I needed to wake up early for my Dad to give me a ride before work. Now I am just trying to make a habit of getting things done early. I don’t always get up at 6 – sometimes it is more like 6:45 – but that is the time I generally get up.

7 am – Head to school


I live a 15-minute drive away from school, so I grab a cup of tea or coffee and grab a ride with my Dad. Luckily, my school is along with his route. It also beats waiting for the bus early in the morning when the students from the

8 – 9:15 am – Genetics class

Two days a week I have an 8 am genetics class. Now, this may not shock some people, but I am still not over being in 8 am classes in college. In high school, I started class at 9, so during my last 4 years, I have tried to avoid them at all cost.


Although I had no choice but to have an 8 am class, I am really loving genetics. I did not realize I would find it so interesting, and I can’t wait to explore it more.

9:30 am – Coffee break

After my crazy early class, I like to grab some coffee and a snack to wake myself up. I have super long breaks between my classes this semester and I have been pretty successful in being successful productive.

9:40 am – Catch up on Work


12:30pm – Club meeting

During the week we have “club hours” from 12:30 – 2 pm twice a week. This allows students to attend the meetings and events of their favorite clubs. Today I attended my volunteering club to help plan for some fundraising events.

1 pm – Lunch

During lunch, I like to meet with my friends and enjoy some free time. Usually, I spend most of my time with my friends in class, so it is nice to see people who I do not have a class with or outside of the class setting.

2:15 – 3:30 pm Feminist Theories Class

This is another class I am loving this semester. I have a great teacher and we are looking at different areas of society, such as art, economics, history, and more to see how those platforms have been used as platforms for expressing feminist ideas. It is a nice way to approach and discuss ideas and issues.

4 pm – Shadowing

I don’t usually shadow on school days, but classes were moved around this week because we had no school during the Jewish holidays. I shadow a Cardiologist once a week, and I am very thankful to be able to learn from him.

8 pm – Dinner

After getting home, I had dinner. I had forgotten to bring snacks with me during shadowing, so by the time I got home I was starving. I had a light meal because it was pretty late.

10 pm – Wind down and sleep

I don’t always get to go to bed this early, but after a very long day, I decided to go to bed early. After taking a nice bath, I watched an episode of Scandal – my new obsession!!! – and got some much-needed sleep.

– Tatyana x

What is your typical day like?

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