Let’s Chat: Update


These past two weeks have been a bit jumbled which led to the lack of posts. So I thought I would update you with the latest happenings in my life.

After having my first full week of classes I felt as though things were moving in slow motion. With the start of the semester came rearranging my courses, scheduling club events, managing my study schedule, and seeing some friends again. All of that translates into me forgetting to take more photos for the weekly series … oops.

Luckily, I did snap a few shots here and there which I littered throughout this post. šŸ™‚



I lost my ID several days after school started and ended up spending over 40 minutes at the DMV – just to have them type some words and print a paper as my temporary replacement. I was not too happy to have trekked to the DMV in the sweltering heat for that.







Sunday morning I had the great idea to run Ā – don’t laugh – since I could not sleep. Long story short I fell and sprained my ankle in my house.

I did not go to school for a week in an attempt to recover from this injury. I can now put pressure on my toes and can mostly walk, but my doctors said it won’t heal for several weeks. I am still very limited and need to rest my foot often, which means I take much longer to get from one place to the next.




I was pretty nervous about missing so much class, but thankfully my professors were very understanding, and I had friends keep me posted on what was covered in class. The only class I was unsure of was Genetics – we have our first exam this week – so I went to class Thursday to see if she would discuss the test. Sadly, she did not and I was pretty upset because my whole leg was aching due to the pressure I was putting on my foot.


I cannot say that I am not happy to have spent this week at home. I got to rest and catch up on material for my courses. My favoriteĀ part, of course, was not having to wake up for my 8 am course.

Now I am off to start a new productive week, aiming to get back on schedule and heal from my injury by taking things one step at a time.

– Tatyana x

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